DecoSeal is available in a number of different finishes and can be a economical alternative to Polished Concrete.

The unique aspect of this product is its ability to increase its gloss with continued use. The more traffic, the more gloss.

DecoSeal Tint

DecoSeal Tint is a clear coating which is applied either directly over concrete and allows the existing features of the concrete underneath come through, this product is available with a wide selection of coloured tint to blend in to the desired environment.

Ideal For:

Residential Flooring
Retail Stores
Commercial Flooring

DecoSeal Natural

DecoSeal Natural is the most innovative and economical flooring option available today, naturally finished DeepSeal Lithium Sealed concrete will be the market leader in warehousing, retail showrooms, industrial floors and government buildings.  

DecoSeal Natural penetrates deep into concrete surfaces and creates a reaction with the concrete which produces an extremely durable sealed floor. DecoSeal Natural resists wear and tear from abrasion, repels water and other chemicals, and reduces the appearance of tyre marks and stains. DecoSeal Natural will enhance the appearance of smooth, steel trowel concrete which will actually become more attractive over time.

Ideal For:

Industrial Flooring
Retail Showrooms
Government Buildings
Car Parks